Terri Falvey
Content Strategy, Brand Storyteller, Sales Enabler

Writing Samples

Long Form

Whitepapers are a staple at Braintree, where we’ve found our target audience to be Large Enterprise business decision makers who are thirsty for knowledge and pieces that they can, in turn, use to persuade their own powers-that-be to choose a new payments partner. Here is one example of a piece that I feel does just that.


The best example of storytelling through web copy is my work on jerrygarcia.com. The project was a labor of love, and I was the sole writer and content-based concept driver. Particular examples of note are Jerry’s Story for the storytelling through chronology, Tours intro copy from a tonal perspective, and our Teaser Video for an emotionally-driven experience.


Find here and example of high-level Branded Content Plan for executive-level sign-off, and how I like to control pacing and infuse story arc in my strategy work.

For Pleasure

Here’s a yet-to-be-published piece entitled A Partial Study of the Fourth Year of Marriage Based on the Events of the Past Weekend. If you’re more into a live reading of the same material, well that’s just great…because I did one here.